Facts About Child Support


When you divorce and you happen to have children, always remember their lives will have to continue. You should pay custodial parent child support if you want to give them the life that they deserve. There are some things about child support you need to know if you are going through the divorce process.

Facts about child support that you need to know

You must pay the amount agreed



When you commit to being paying child support of a given amount, note that you have no choice but to pay it. Failure to make your payments can result in penalties by the court. The court may even jail you if you routinely fail to remit the payments. If the court finds out that you have the money but deliberately refusing to remit the payment, then it may choose to get the payment from the company or bank.

You need to hire a child support lawyer

If you do not want to spill your beans in public, it is preferable to hire a renowned child support lawyer with whom to work. Ensure both you and your former spouse have your lawyers. You both should have discussions with your respective attorneys and agree on the amount that is comfortable for you. You should only go to court when you fail to reach an agreement. Even when you go to court, you should still have your attorney with you. His professional will argue in your favor so that the court’s ruling is not more than what you can afford.

Monthly payment may fluctuate

When you have a court order to make payments, you may have a notion that you need to pay endless amounts every end month for as long as you live. On the contrary, the amount agreed by the court may fluctuate according to your situation. Should the custodian parent lose their job, you may be ordered to pay larger monthly payments. If you, however, lose your job then you need to work alongside your lawyer to present this to the judge who may rule that you remit small payments if there is enough proof that you are not doing well.

Track payments

You should not trust your ex with your payments as they can report you of not paying and cause you problems. Avoid such incidences by keeping copies of documents used for payments such as bank slips and receipts.

Work with your ex

familylawleftasdfghnDivorces are normally emotional, and you do not want to see your ex after divorce. You will need to put your emotions aside if you have a child who you have decided to raise. You will need to communicate to check on the child’s condition regularly and even meet sometimes to spend time with the children.


Take note of these points when you want to pay for child custody in the event of a divorce.